General informations

You have two choices : you can either take a ticket a day, or one for the whole 3 days.
The tickets will be available as a preorder as soon as (date) just by following the links provided on the website.

By prodiving proof of age upon entering, access is free for children under 12.

Sorry but no ! No animals are allowed on the premices, in conformity with sanitation laws.

You can’t either access the site with outside food and drinks,

however a large panel of stands will be available just for that throughout the event !

How to get tattooed during the event ?

Choose the artist that interests you the most for your tattoo, you can find their infos and social media links on their profile right here on the website, so you can check out more of their work and get in touch.
Contact them directly, as most of them are highly demanded and may have already started to book their appointments in advance. Send a precise description of your project, with attached reference images. Note that each and every tattoo artist administrates their own agendas, we do not take any appointment on their behalf.
So get to your emails and send in your most convincing request !
Depending on your project, the artist will contact you if they have availabilities.

Some of the tattoo artists participating in the convention will have available designs you can pick and chose from (« flash ») and get as a tattoo right on the spot. This is how you get tattooed without an appointment.
Be careful however, that if you have your views set on a particular artist, it is always best to contact them ahead before the event and make sure you can reserve a design or a spot so you don’t miss them.